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K9 Zeke, a black and tan malinois standing on the treadmill in the Out 2 Run Fitness van

MobilE Dog Gym 

We are Central Pennsylvania’s first and only mobile gym for dogs! Out 2 Run Fitness offers a safe, climate-controlled atmosphere for your dog to run or walk.


10% Off for Military and First Responders with Code HEROES10

Explore our full list of services including sessions for 3 or 4 dogs, membership plans, and birthday parties! 



Give your friends and family the gift of tail-wagging joy with Out 2 Run Fitness!

An eGift Card allows them to choose the ideal workout session for their pup, creating memories of health and happiness. 


Out 2 Run Fitness is an exercise service for your dog which is brought to your home. Our fully equipped, climate control van will provide a safe, secure and fun way to run or walk your dog. These exercise sessions are great during extreme weather months.

Green and Pink Out 2 Run Fitness mobile dog gym van
Tan and black malinois dog wearing a orange harness standing on the treadmill in the mobile dog gym van

What is a Slat Mill TREADMILL?

A treadmill made specifically for exercising dogs. This type of treadmill is not powered by a motor, instead it uses kinetic energy to provide exercise movements for your dog. The slats on the treadmill are attached to a belt which make a safe, solid surface for your dog to walk or run.


Your dog will be placed in a harness and attached to the treadmill. Positive encouragement such as toys and praise is used to motivate your dog to walk or run. There is no limit on how fast your dog can run, and many dogs may experience full speed running in the first session.

White, tan, and black small terrier wearing a blue harness standing on the dog treadmill in the Out 2 Run fitness van


Check out our furry friends in action! See for yourself why our clients can't get enough of our fun and effective exercise sessions.

K9 Zeke in Action

Zeke loves the treadmill!

Fun for First-Timers

We use positive motivation to turn beginners into pros.

Great for All Sizes

Big or small, it's fun for all!

Happier and Healthier Dogs

Exercise promotes health, agility and happiness. Dogs require regular exercise to live long healthy lives, just like humans.

Tan long hair dachshund wearing a green harness standing on a dog treadmill in the Out 2 Run Fitness mobile dog gym van
Dark brown poodle mix dog standing on a dog treadmill in the Out 2 Run Fitness mobile dog gym van


Improves Behavior

Regular fitness helps deter behavioral issues such as excessive chewing, barking, and hyper activity.

Weight Control

When paired with a proper diet, exercise can help with keeping your dog at a healthy weight.

Tan and white dog wearing an orange harness standing on a dog treadmill in the Out 2 Run Fitness mobile dog gym van
Black and white dog wearing an orange harness standing on a dog treadmill in the Out 2 Run Fitness mobile dog gym van





Camp Hill


If you're out of these areas we may still be able to accommodate you. Please reach out to us!

Brown dachshund wearing a red leash standing on a dog treadmill in the Out 2 Run mobile dog gym van


  1. Take your dog to go to the bathroom

  2. Don’t feed 1 hour prior or after the scheduled exercise session

  3. Have their favorite toys ready

  4. If your dog is aggressive please muzzle before we arrive

  5. Ask your vet if your dog is OK to exercise

  6. Have your dog ready to go with their harness on


  • What are your requirements to work with my dog?
    First, contact your veterinarian prior to making your first appointment to ensure they recommend physical activity for your dog. Second, we will need a copy of your dog’s current vaccination records. Third, we will need you to read and sign the waiver form. Then, schedule your appointment online and we will meet you on the day and time you scheduled.
  • How often do you recommend I schedule for my dog?
    We offer weekly, bi-weekly and on-demand scheduling, so it depends on your dog’s needs. Most clients schedule once a week, which they find benefits their dog mentally and physically. When the more extreme weather months are upon us, it may benefit your dog to schedule exercise twice a week. If you have specific needs and would like to discuss them, please contact us.
  • How do you exercise my dog?
    We first start with getting your dog comfortable being on the Slat Mill Treadmill. This introduction is the first and most important step so your dog starts to gain confidence in learning a new technique. Once your dog has gained confidence on the treadmill, we will start to have them walk and continue to build towards their goal of running. Many dogs will quickly learn to trot and become more confident. As your dog’s confidence continues to build, we will increase your dog’s pace to give them a fun-filled session. We will use positive motivation and toys to gain the most for your dog. The exercise will be done in bursts throughout the time of your session, in order to get the most out of it. While your dog is enjoying their new activity, they will be gaining health and mental benefits.
  • Do I need to be home for you to run my dog?
    We prefer for you to be home until your dog is confident with the exercise sessions. After we have determined they are ready, we can arrange for your dog’s workout even when you’re not home.


Meet the owner of Out 2 Run Fitness, Ty and his partner Zeke! Sgt. Ty, a member of the Harrisburg Police Department, is also the head trainer. K9 Zeke, now retired, became a local hero in the community when he was shot in the line of duty in 2013.

Ty Meik knealing next to his dog, K9 Zeke, a malinois dog bread


Inspired by Zeke, Zeke Gear is a line of pet supplies dedicated to honoring our four legged heroes.


As part of our mission a portion of the proceeds from every item purchased at Zeke Gear will be donated back into Police, Military and Service Dog organizations.

Brown leather dog harness
Olive green dog leash



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